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Why is Blogging important to me?

I have already posted how I got the idea of starting a blog. And today I want to talk (i mean type)
about why is blogging important to me.

I don't care if my blog is not as successful as other popular blogs. Because I didn't start this blog to earn money. 

You cant always write all your feelings in a book with empty pages. Sometimes you do need a platform where you can express your opinions .sometimes you need people to know about your opinions.

Though you cant travel around the world telling people your opinions at the age of like 13, you can definitely use your blog as a platform to do so. 

However young or old you are, you can share your thoughts with the world by just sparing a few minutes or hours. ( I don't usually take hours.) 

This is why blogging is important to me.

Do you have a blog too? Feel free to comment below about your blog and I will definitely try checking your blogs.

                                                  love Appy

Helping and Happiness

A few days ago I and my lil sis went out to buy some ice cream as it was a really hot day 🍧

We were heading back hime when I noticed a little girl about 5years old sitting on the street.

I had seen her there many times before. She never went to school. She always sit with her grandmother who sells flowers on the street.

Even with a life like that she always keeps playing around alone,happily.
I keep thinking, even though I have got everything thing I needed from parents, I keep getting sad and I have to admit I sometimes get greedy too.
But some people even without having the money to afford many things are happy with what they have.You wonder how?


I really wanted to do something for her. At that moment all I could do was to go to the store and buy her some chips.

The moment I gave her the chips she gave the most memorable smile I had ever seen in my life.😃

A few days later mom came back from China and she also bought some 🍫 chocolates from there…

I made. DIY kawaii phone cover🐼

I used some cute pink and white yarn for top part.🐰
 And I used two different kawaii tapes for bottom

I also added a cute bow with polka dots which I made to add a more cute touch

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