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Why is Blogging important to me?

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Helping and Happiness

A few days ago I and my lil sis went out to buy some ice cream as it was a really hot day 🍧

We were heading back hime when I noticed a little girl about 5years old sitting on the street.

I had seen her there many times before. She never went to school. She always sit with her grandmother who sells flowers on the street.

Even with a life like that she always keeps playing around alone,happily.
I keep thinking, even though I have got everything thing I needed from parents, I keep getting sad and I have to admit I sometimes get greedy too.
But some people even without having the money to afford many things are happy with what they have.You wonder how?


I really wanted to do something for her. At that moment all I could do was to go to the store and buy her some chips.

The moment I gave her the chips she gave the most memorable smile I had ever seen in my life.😃

A few days later mom came back from China and she also bought some 🍫 chocolates from there…

I made. DIY kawaii phone cover🐼

I used some cute pink and white yarn for top part.🐰
 And I used two different kawaii tapes for bottom

I also added a cute bow with polka dots which I made to add a more cute touch

Also check out my other posts. It's your BFF Appy!


The first answer is Zoe Sugg's(aka Zoella)Girl online. It was the first time when it clicked in my head that I could do it too.

I did know that you could create your own blog but it never clicked me that I start one of my own before I read girl online.

I have been writing diaries since I was in grade 4 but when I read Girl Online I realized that I could have my own blog too and most of all I wanted to make friends Online.

There is always too much going on in my mind and sometimes I need to empty it.And this is also the reason I started this blog.

Now all I need is support from all of you to continue this blog.

Comment if you want to say something.

           love Appy :)

How to fill in yourself with CONFIDENCE

From making friends to performing on stage you always need confidence.

Confidence is good but not overconfidence. So remember, fill yourself with confidence but don't overfill or you'll burst!

Take deep breaths as you sing your favorite motivational song. Here is a list :

Stronger by Kelly ClarksonThis is my fight song by Rachel Platten confidence by Demi LovatoGirl on fire by Alicia Keys  Never wear dull colors and always wear bright colors.

Remember to always have a big smile on your face which makes you look confident and when you look confident you do become confident!

Talk to people who make you feel confident. Like your mom or your best friend.

wear your favorite perfume which lifts your spirit.

When you are ready remember that YOU ARE ON FIRE! (you can also remember the  song)

feel free to contact me and express your feelings.
                                                   Love Appy

How to make friends

Being a friend let me give you some tips on how to make more friends.

First thing you have to remember is that always be ready to mingle with people.For that you will have to overcome your shyness. 

Make sure that you are comfortable with them and also make sure they are comfortable too.

If you are always lonely, look for people who are lonely too. Only you can understand the feelings of a person who is struggling with the same problem as you.

When  a person is feeling low and there is no one to comfort them, you can go ahead and comfort them and let them know that you can always be a good friend.

Always keep smiling!feel free to contact me:

comment if this helped you even a little bit.
I will make more posts on how to make friends.

thank you!!!!!💀

I can be your BFF!

Hello! I am Appy and I love making friends!

 I have started this blog hoping to make new friends.

A BFF is a someone who is there for you whenever you need help.So from today all my readers are my BFFs and I will be there for all my readers when they need my help. Just comment or send me an email if it really personal

Hope you guys will support me throughout.

You can also go check my Youtube channel which is called your bff appy

you can contact me through: